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[eclipse-pmc] API additions to jdt.ui

Request for 2 new API constants used to decorate the image of 'volatile' and 'transient' fields.
JavaElementImageDescriptor is API and every supported decorations is represented by a constant. By adding the 2 new decorations we should also add the corresponding constants.
  • JavaElementImageDescriptor.VOLATILE
  • JavaElementImageDescriptor.TRANSIENT

Note that only fields can be 'volatile' and 'transient' and these modifiers are quite rarely used. Most clients use the JavaElementLabelProvider that will provide the new decorations without any changes required by clients. See bug 6553 for the discussion why it is safe to add these decorators.

- support for 'volatile' and 'transient' image decorators for consistency reasons

- for API consistency reasons all possible decorations should be represented by a constant in JavaElementImageDescriptor



No risk, all API additions.


No performance impact 

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