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[eclipse-pmc] API Change: Removal of action id constants that were added in 3.3

In order to allow Team/CVS to move to the new menu story, we need to remove 3 action id constants for local history related operations that were added in 3.3. To date, there have been no known cases of this API being adopted. The API was added to Team because it was used by CVS but, with a switch to the new menu story, the overriding of the local history actions will occur at the handler level and will be done using enablement expressions.

If this API is left in, Team/CVS will not be able to move completely to the new menu story since objectContribution overriding is not supported by the menus extension point in 3.3.

- Team/CVS can move their popupMenus to the new menu story

- Remove objectContribution action ids from API

No known risks.

- none


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