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[eclipse-pmc] API Request: Support validateEdit for non-UI clients

API Request

Add the following field to IWorkspace:

public static final Object VALIDATE_PROMPT - An object that can be used by clients calling IWorkspace#validateEdit to indicate that they would like the user to be prompted for validation, but they don't have a UI context (shell) available.  This is to be used by "core" code that doesn't have access to a shell, but needs to perform validateEdit to allow a pessimistic repository to check out files prior to modification

Add the following to the SPI for team providers ( package):

New class: - provides context information for use by the file modification validator.  Previously a Shell was used, but this wasn't rich enough to capture all use cases (client does't want prompt, client wants prompt and has a Shell to use as parent, or client wants a prompt but doesn't have access to a shell).

New class: - replaces IFileModificationValidator, and deprecates validateEdit(IFile[], Object) in favour of the richer validateEdit(IFile[], FileModificationValidationContext).


This introduces a deprecation warning for implementations of IFileModificationValidator.  Only team plugins implement this interface, and Team/CVS has indicated they will move to the new API.  The implementation is fully backwards compatible for old team provider implementations and old callers of validateEdit.


Headless plug-ins will fail on validateEdit in the presence of a pessimistic team provider because they are not able to provide a Shell.

Associated bug:

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