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[eclipse-pmc] Request for API additions for Platform Level Proxy Settings and JSch(SSH2) support

I would like to request the addition of API to support the following two bugs. In both cases the projects already exist in the repository so this request is to add them to the build.

Platform Level Proxy Support -

This feature has been requested by WTP and other clients in order to reduce the number of proxy preference pages (there were 3 in Callisto). For this feature we have created two new projects: and  The Core plug-in consists of API to access and modify proxy settings for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxies. There is also API for setting the non-proxied hosts lists and API for allowing clients to retrieve proxy data by host. The UI plug-in has API for setting the default Java Authenticator

Separate JSch preference pages from CVS -

This feature was requested by DSDP since they use JSch for SSH2 connections. We would like to add two new projects: org.eclipse.jsch.core and org.eclipse.jsch.ui. The Core plug-in consists of API to create a JSch Session that uses the proper prefereces. The UI plug-in consists of API that provides basic password prompting

- The new plug-ins push down Proxy and SSH2 preferences so that clients do not need their own preference pages which leads to a better user experience.


There is minimal risk as the features focus on what is required for pushing the preference pages down.

- should not have an impact

Michael Valenta

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