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[eclipse-pmc] API Addition For File Buffer Improvements

In order to improve the current File Buffer story I hereby request API
additions (with some deprecations).

- allow to create and get a file buffer for an URI (currently it only works
off IPath)
      - basically a copy of the APIs that have IPath as parameter but now
with URI parameter
- improve performance for existing clients and even better performance for
those using the new API
- allow to query the buffer for a given document (this is a WTP request)
      - this is one additional getter: ITextFileBufferManager.
getTextFileBuffer(IDocument document);
- allow to create a resource text file buffer if the file does not yet
exist (this is a WTP request)
      - this will be achieved along with the new API from first item
- no longer refresh the file when creating the buffer
- [investigation item - depends on the amount of changes] make the
dependency on core.resources optional, so that the file buffers plug-in can
be used in RCP

- [api][misc] Allow the construction of an ITextFileBuffer from an
IFileStore or a URI
- [api] TextFileBufferManager#createFileBuffer with non-existing IPath
returns JavaTextFileBuffer which causes a ghost file in the workspace
- [api] add API to file buffers that allows to specify whether a file is
internal or external
- [implementation] text search spends 7% in

No known risks.

- existing clients will not be slower
- clients that adopt the new API will benefit from much better performance.


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