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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] mirror on UOL (http://mirrors.uol.com.br/pub/eclipse.org)


I'm sorry for not advising you of the change of IP address. Our download script is quite dynamic and it has detected that your mirror is in sync.



Wilson Felipe wrote:

I have just found out a problem in our rsync process to mirror
eclipse.org, and have just fixed it, could you check it again?

the problem we had is that, our security system does not let us rsync if
the ip address, resolved from download.eclipse.org, is changed, and even
subscribed to mirror list, we were not able to identify this change.

anyway, the rsync is running right now and soon it will be up to date

the mirror is locate here: http://mirrors.uol.com.br/pub/eclipse.org/

I apologize for any problema we may have caused

thanks in advance
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