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RE: [eclipse-mirrors] Eclipse.org proposed downloads and mirror s election changes

Can you publish the script to something like 

Rsync.eclipse.org::just_for_mirrors or something like kernel.org does?

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From: WebMaster [mailto:webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 9:35 AM
To: eclipse-mirrors@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [eclipse-mirrors] Eclipse.org proposed downloads and mirror
selection changes

Greetings to all mirror site maintainers,

I would like to propose a change in the way mirror sites are selected 
from the www.eclipse.org website.

The goals:
- to allow users to select a mirror based on geographic location
- to allow users to select a mirror based on the file they want
- not require mirror sites to host PHP content.

The impacts:
- mirror sites may see an increase in traffic: currently, many users 
simply choose the Main Eclipse Download Server to download everything
- users will get faster downloads from localized mirrors
- mirror selection will be easier

Current problems:
- The main downloads page sends the user to a mirror site: 
- it is difficult for us to gather download statistics
- some mirrors can not host everything, like nightly builds and the 
tools project, therefore the user doesn't know which mirror has the file 
  they want
- from the mirrors list, it's hard to tell in what country a mirror site is
- not all mirrors wish to host PHP and HTML content

Proposed solution:
- eclipse.org hosts all the downloads web pages (PHP/HTML)
- a list of current mirrors, categorized by geographic location, is 
shown when a user clicks a file to download.  Here is an example:


What you should do as a mirror site maintainer:
- Review this proposal, and provide feedback to webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Feel free to provide any feedback related to the mirroring process.
- Make sure you synchronize the TIME files, so we can determine your 
mirror site status
- use the attached configurable shell script to mirror Eclipse, and 
advise me if you change any of the yes/no options, so I know what you mirror

Thanks again for being an Eclipse mirror site.  We appreciate the time, 
effort and resources you invest in this activity, and we look forward to 
reading your feedback!


Eclipse WebMaster - webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx
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