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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Declarative UI


Kevin McGuire wrote:

Hallvard, good summary.


A) A "literal" model of the UI.

This is the target of most XML formats. Although XSWT and XAML are different in some respects, I believe they both target this. The difference is to what extent they describe a process of building the UI or the state of the final UI. The latter will more easily support a live model, since changes to the DOM will be easier to map to "equivalent" changes to the UI.

B) An abstract model of UIs (say, functional).

This is the target of a lot of research within my community (model-based UI design), including my own Diamodl. As you say, this does not replace A), but builds upon it.

These two aren't mutually exclusive. If you're doing (B), its probably handy having (A) so you can do a model to model transformation as the path to instantiating the actual widgets.

Yes, this is exactly why I'm using XSWT in my model-based runtime.

You haven't touched upon the concept of live model. Should it be based on XML's DOM? What is the benefit of using (a modeling framework like) EMF?


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