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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Fw: Declarative UI roundup?

2 points: an UI declaration, and a thought. UI declaration:
above sample can be like this:

@layout: fill;
label: "hello, world"; text{style: BORDER; layoutData: "grow"}

Huge simple?  if yes, again:

@layout: "fill";
	text{ style: SINGLE, BORDER;}
@forms: true;

	@id: loginSection;
	sectionStyle: ExpandableComposite.TITLE_BAR;
	text: 登录系统;
	layoutData: "center";
		@id: sectionClient;
		layout: "wrap 3", "[][250:pref:400,fill][]", "[]5[]";
		label: 您的数字证书:;
		text { @id: certFile; text: ""; }
		button { @id: browse; text: 选择文件(&B)...; style: PUSH; }

		label: 您的密码:;
		text { @id: password; text: ""; style: PASSWORD; }
		button { @id: login; text: "登录系统(&L)   "; style: PUSH; }
	client: @sectionClient;

2, a thought: at this time, in the world, the most question is not can
you do. instead, just be: How and what make better.Yes? like David
style, I do answer, sure.:)

Best! qinxian

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