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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] RE: Re: [resources] REST(RepresentationalStateTransfer)

One thing to keep in mind is that Roy Fielding the author of the PHD thesis that started REST has some very specific rules as to what constitutes a true REST service:

If we aren't careful what we really will be having is just RPC with XML over HTTP requests. So keep the rules of REST in mind when discussing a RESTful API.

Thanks again, Gunnar.

So, from your experience... does it make sense to
work on API being more RESTful or not?

If you follow the patterns and rules for creating a good REST implementation, it's much easier to implement than an equivalant SOAP web service. It's also much more tool friendly.
If clients are used to using WorkspaceModifyOperation,
then porting such clients into a different environment
where remote services are in the game may be difficult.
Not if you hide the REST implementation behind a higher level implementation. A client doesn't have to know how it's being implemented, just the fact that they can call the specific class and get their information back.

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