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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] [resources] Alias management

> As for persistence and transferability to another workstation, we should be
> able to persist symlinks that are relative paths in the same relative
> format, and then read them out into absolute paths when creating the
> canonical roots.

I'm slightly confused when you say 'symlinks', do you mean Eclispe
IResource level linked resources or filesystem symbol links?  Eclipse
linked resources should transfer without issue (given Serge's relative
linked resources patch).  Many version control systems don't play
terribly well with OS symbol links.  The usage pattern we see here for
our new Eclipse users is:
1) They create the project from scratch using a sensible hierarchy and
check into version control
or (more likely)
2) They checkout the source and build their project by creating linked
resources to their checked out source tree.  Source control occurs on
the existing filesystem tree as before, and they work in Eclipse at
the logical resource layer.

Symlinks are useful, but in general they're not cross platform, not
easy to create and don't copy well.


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