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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] EMF based dynamic declarative UI


Monthes ago, I started to work on a dynamic declarative UI engine.
It allows the user to describe some parts of his application GUI using EMF model. Changes of the model are reflected into the view and users actions are reflected also into model. It is also extendable : a developper could add his own metamodel (extending or replacing existing parts.... SWING, eRCP ...). Runtime engine can be used in Eclipse IDE, RCP application or pure java standalone application.

I will publish the project  under Open Source license soon .
Before to publish, I would like to finish my current work on test suite and clean the code ;-). Of course, I will add more components than the existing ones (actually there is only composite, button and text, which is enough for testing and validating most of the requirements)

A demo could be find here :
There is also few explanations on the wiki: (I will add more soon).

I will be happy to receive any suggestions or comments (and to answer any questions if needed).


Olivier Moises

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