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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Re: E4 Contacts demo with CSS theming

Kai, this is really cool!  First, its great to see the technology being applied successfully at such an early stage.  Plus, the app looks great!

I'll let someone from SWT answer the "why can't I" SWT questions.


"Toedter, Kai" <kai.toedter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 10/08/2008 07:52:02 AM:

> Hi All,
> I am just back from Denmark and found some time to play around with e4
> and css theming. Kevin was so kind and sent me his running version of
> the TK-UI css engine. Attached you find a screenshot of my E4 contacts
> demo styled with css using TK-UI. This is just a demo style to check out
> the capabilities of css theming...
> I run into a few problems though:
> - SWT does not allow to set the background color or background image of
> a Menu. Even after patching the win32 SWT and making the methods
> Menu.setBackground and Menu.setBackgroundImage public, it did not work
> under Windows. Any hints from the SWT gurus how to change the Menu
> background under Windows?
> - I could not style the table column titles, I assume that is caused
> also by the SWT native mapping.
> - Other things I did not figure out so far:
>   - How to style a Label with SWT.SEPARATOR set
>   - How to style the border around a text input (looks also very
> "native" on Windows Vista)
> But besides that, from the end user point of view it is very easy to
> theme an RCP application using TK-UIs css engine.
> Best regards,
> Kai
> [attachment "e4-css-dark.png" deleted by Kevin McGuire/Ottawa/IBM]

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