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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] SWT port to Flex

I understand.  I think I just have a different problem that isn't addressed by e4.  Which is a bit confusing since both problem spaces talk to "the web".

I think my main problem boils down to: I want more API on SWT Browser so I can talk from inside the browser to outside (Java), and probably finer control over talking to the inside (browser) from the outside (Java) than the current "run this hunk of _javascript_ code" method.  For example, it would be nice to have direct access to the DOM from Java.

You could view this as purely "SWT Browser enhancement", or perhaps lump it into e4 somehow as a "web-ish enhancement", kinda like bringing CSS concepts into SWT.

On Sep 19, 2008, at 2:39 PM, Steve Northover wrote:

 We need an advanced Java editor that can run both on the desktop and the web.  That's all.

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