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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Meeting Notes: E4 Resources Kickoff Meeting

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the notes. I wish I were able to attend the actual meeting...but I was not. After looking over the notes (especially the Non-Local Resources section) I have one comment.

One approach that we've (ECF) found useful for dealing Remote Resources is 'smart replication'. Frequently, distribution is done in an 'all or nothing' manner...i.e. none of the actual data are actively replicated (e.g. proxies, remote file systems), or all of it is (e.g. CVS/scc)...and the application has no say about when/how data are replicated. But with an extensible workspace/resources model, it would be possible to have resource-specific caching/replication strategies which are sensitive to the environment they run in, and sensitive to what the application's access patterns are...and can/could do active replication as needed/appropriate at runtime.

ECF has a 'replicated object API' to support such a notion (objects that can implement replication strategies). This API is one of the container adapter apis that are accessible off of IContainer (connection). For reference:

Hope this is of use.



Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
Hi all,
today's meeting notes are now online:
Please check whether I got everything right - Szymon, I can't quite remember
what you said in terms of background and interest. As always, feel free
to edit or discuss here on the list (I'm watching the Wiki Notes).
Next meeting is in 2 weeks:
*Martin Oberhuber*, Senior Member of Technical Staff, *Wind River*
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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