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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] e4 beyond the ongoing UI conversations...


Comments below.

brian.fitzpatrick@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi all...

Though I appreciate all the great discussion going on around e4 and the UI work being done (though most of it is beyond me, not being an HTML/CSS guy, I do find it fascinating), I was wondering if there is room in e4 to focus on other parts of the Eclipse ecosystem as well.

There's room for any warm body who's willing to provide focus!

One of the issues IMHO across some of the major Eclipse projects is the issue of cross-project integration. This is especially evident (to me anyway) in terms of connection frameworks.

What?  Our projects aren't all seamlessly integrated and tested as a working whole?  Oh yeah, we don't do that...

The Eclipse ecosystem has many different types of "connection" frameworks. The CVS (Eclipse Platform), Remote Systems Explorer (DSDP-TM), Web (WTP), Communications (ECF), and Database Development (DTP) perspectives all have their own server/system connection management user interfaces and connection frameworks. WTP has been working with DTP to handle management of database connections, which is great, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm glad EMF didn't provide one. :-P  Oh wait, maybe if I did and everyone used it...
Within e4, we have a chance to settle on a common framework for connection management and its associated UI. This would not only help out the user with a common look and feel across the Eclipse ecosystem for connecting to various systems, but it would allow adopters and extenders to take advantage of this common framework so they too would fit into the Eclipse-iverse more seamlessly to their own users.

Joking aside, that sounds like an excellent idea!
The connection framework within DTP, though used primarily for JDBC database connections at this point, has been used with great success in many other ways by Sybase products to connect to file systems, application servers, UDDI and LDAP repositories, and so on. I think it has great potential to fill the need for a common connection framework in e4.

However, integrating will the other projects in Eclipse will be tricky at best and require a great deal of collaboration from many interested parties.

Yes, there always seem to be issues with were to put these common things.  Everyone is happy to depend on the platform, but generally seem to avoid depending on other things if possible.
Do others see this as a problem that could be addressed within the e4 timeframe? Or am I way out of scope with this suggestion?

I think you're way on target.

--Fitz (aka Brian Fitzpatrick)

Brian Fitzpatrick
Eclipse Data Tools Platform PMC Chair
Eclipse Data Tools Platform Connectivity Team Lead
Staff Software Engineer, Sybase, Inc.

Jeff McAffer <jeff@xxxxxxxxx>
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08/21/2008 10:22 AM

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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] Technical issues with the e4 CSS call        - feedback appreciated to evaluate Yugma

Chris and I tried out dimdim just for fun.  It was still ok but not great.  I had some horrible echo I could not get rid of and the screen sharing from the Mac did not really work.  Sharing from the PC was ok but apparently the refreshes were slow.  So  not recommented.

It might also be interesting to press the foundation to supply GoToMeeting rooms.  The cost is not too high.

If you are interested in this, please voice your support and justification on


Jeff McAffer wrote: is another option. its free for up to 20 people in a room.  I used it a while ago and it was ok.  There is a new version that claims to be much improved.  have not tried lately...


Chris Aniszczyk wrote:
Before we do this... is any member company that uses GotoMeeting or WebEx willing to donate some time?

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 9:59 AM, Kevin McGuire <
Kevin_McGuire@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi gang,

It appeared that people were having a lot of technical problems with the e4 CSS call.  This was the first time using Yugma and I'd appreciate some feedback to understand if its worth trying to use in the future.  The problems I saw:

1) People showed up in the screen sharing but they never joined the conf call.  There may have been confusion over which # to dial, the one I sent out (my conf call #), or the one that Yugma sent out (presumably some VOID service of theirs).
2) People were connecting/disconnecting/connecting/ to the session.  It seemed the connectivity was poor/unreliable?

3) For reasons I am not clear on, some of the invitees who were to have been given ability to share their screen were not.  I couldn't figure a way of correcting that.  When sending the invites, you specify who is in which category.  I would've given everyone screen sharing, but I assumed it worked by email login ID matched against the invites which doesn't work for sending to an entire mail list.

Its a lot cheaper than WebEx (estimate was it was going to cost $300) but there's no sense using it if the quality and reliabilit isn't there.



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~ Chris Aniszczyk

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