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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] CSS namespaces

Hi Ralf,

> Yes, that's also our preferred approach. In RAP we have an extension
> point for themeable widgets anyway (the RAP theming has to know about
> themeable widgets to keep styling and layout in sync between client and
> server). This is also a suitable place to register such an element name.
> I'm not sure whether such an extension point would also be appropriate
> for Eclipse in general. Who would have to register with such an
> extension point? The component provider, e.g. Nebula?

Agree, I think that's along the lines of how it would work.  Namespaces aside, for each extended widget, someone (presumably the widget component provider) needs to :
  • publish the set of properties each widget supports so that a developer knows what to write in the curly CSS brackets (and we may want for a validator),
  • describe to the platform the class of the widget which will match the name appearing in the CSS file,
  • describe to the platform the methods to invoke matching those property values.


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