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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] The future of e4 SWT for native OS ?

Kevin McGuire schrieb:

Hi Ivan,

>> It sounds like SWT for native OS will stick on 3.x only... and will not move forward to version 4.0...

This is incorrect. SWT will continue to support native OS for, well really as long as we can see there being an SWT. The need and value of native look and feel will remain as relevant in 4.0 as it is now.

>> or... e4 will use a very different design than 3.x and e4 not only continue support SWT for native OS, it also will support AJAX, Flex and Silverlight platform ?

I will let the SWT guys expand on this from a technical standpoint. but I wouldn't at all characterize it as a "very different design". The easiest mental model is to simply consider Flex and Silverlight (and RAP for that matter) as new platforms. Steve spoke similar words in his presentation. There will however be some API and programming model differences, for example Steve mentioned that running your own event loop won't make sense on the web platforms.

Infact you simply can't. There's no threading (besides using google gears in browsers). In webspace you don't have a blocking dialog you're working with callbacks and I hope that e.g. a callback-API will get part of SWT 3.x-API and allows us to prepare our 3.x code for a smooth transition when E4 is out :-)


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