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[eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] The future of e4 SWT for native OS ?

"With all of the buzz around e4, Steve Northover sought to allay fears about support for the 3.x versions (particularly 3.4, Ganymede). He said that they would not be abandoned, and in fact, development would continue for about five more years, with many of the features developed for version 4.0 appearing in 3.x releases."

  It sounds like SWT for native OS will stick on 3.x only... and will not move forward to version 4.0... If SWT for native OS will still go on... they will not said like that...Am I correct or.. I miss understand the statement ? 

  or... e4 will use a very different design than 3.x and e4 not only continue support SWT for native OS, it also will support AJAX, Flex and
Silverlight platform ?

Thanks and sorry guys. :-D

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