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Re: [eclipse-incubator-e4-dev] running the demos

I used a later build (I20080314-1059) and it worked for me. You can
probably use M5 when you import org.eclipse.jdt.core from HEAD, but you
might have to get more of its dependencies from HEAD to get it to work.


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I am trying the run the E4 demos, following the instructions in I am trying the flex
example and so far I was not able to run it.

My first problem is when I import the org.eclipse.jdt.core it has some
compilation errors (few missing constants) I am using Eclipse 3.4 M5
do I need a different eclipse version?
I suspect that my second problem is due to the compilation errors
(which I blindly fix in order to move on) but when I run the build
script for the helloworld (or any other) example it fails with
Error: Could not resolve <sample:SWTHelloWorld> to a component
Can anyone provide any pointers?
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