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[eclipse-ide-wg] Eclipse IDE Working Group proposed changes to Current Mission & Strategic Objectives

Dear all,


Together with the team here at Yatta I have discussed the Working Group’s Program Plan and I would like to share our thoughts.


For Our Current Mission:

In addition to the three points we have for our mission, it feels like we should explicitly mention our intentions to approach development in a more user-centric way. As such, I propose adding a 4th statement as follows:


“To create true value for users by developing the platform with a user-centric focus.”


For Strategic Objectives:

For the strategic objectives slide, we tried to add some concrete objectives addressing the points under “TODO”. In so doing, we also realized that the first two points could be combined because they describe the same approach, just to different aspects of the platform. As such, here is our proposal regarding our strategic objectives:


  • Provide governance, resources, and funding for the development of the Eclipse IDE packages and the Eclipse platform, as well as a framework for the necessary intermediate products (that are required for the simultaneous release).
  • Drive engagement among organizations and make it more attractive for them to build products with and for the Eclipse IDE platform.
  • Increase the number and/or frequency of commits by engaging and incentivizing committers and community members working on the Eclipse IDE platform.
  • Improve the user-friendliness and UX of the Eclipse platform for a better end-user experience.


Regarding the first point about providing governance, resources, and funding, the part about the simultaneous release is in brackets because it is one of the constraints with which we have to work when developing the Eclipse IDE platform.

In the second point, “organizations” is addressing RCP developers. The third point specifically speaks to the commiters, and the final point addresses “what’s in it for the user community?”


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these topics. In the meantime, I have updated the slide decks on Google Drive with these updated mission and objective drafts.


Best regards,



COO & co-founder



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