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[eclipse-dev] Fwd: [GitHub Support] - Jobs stuck in queue for hours

Hello Eclipse developers.

Please note my conversation with GitHub support. Lately, I can barely run any CI builds because the queue is full. There is a suggestion about how to ask for a better plan with more build slots. Maybe we can do that. I also hope that when the AspectJ and AJDT repositories will have been moved into their own organisation, we will no longer have to share slots with the "eclipse" top-level organisation, but I am not sure about that. All I do know is that like this, I cannot work, because I am constantly blocked, waiting for hours for my 15-minutes build jobs to finish.


Alexander Kriegisch

GitHub Developer Support schrieb am 29.03.2023 um 13:36:
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Your request (Ticket 2081320) has been updated.

To review the status of your request and add additional comments, please visit: Ticket 2081320.

Paul (GitHub Support)

Mar 29, 2023, 11:36 AM UTC

Hi Alexander,

Looking at this again, it appears the delay is actually caused by concurrency limits:

An organization on the free plan will have a maximum of 20 concurrent jobs across all repositories in the organization. I can see a number of jobs executing on the repository:

You will run into elevated queuing times in case other runs across the organization are already executing.

The organization(eclipse) might qualify for a free upgrade to the Team plan (which allows 60 concurrent runs):

You can review that and if eligible, apply using the link below:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

GitHub Support

Alexander Kriegisch

Mar 29, 2023, 11:14 AM UTC

Hello Paul.

Not really,
has been queued for 23 minutes and not started yet. This is longer than
the total runtime of 15-18 minutes.


GitHub Developer Support schrieb am 29.03.2023 um 10:54:

Paul (GitHub Support)

Mar 29, 2023, 8:54 AM UTC

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for writing to GitHub Support.

Apologies for the trouble here. It appears this was caused by a couple of incidents on our end over the past few days:

Engineering is reporting that those incidents should now be resolved. Could you please trigger a new workflow run and let me know if you are still seeing those elevated delays?

GitHub Support

Alexander Kriegisch

Mar 28, 2023, 6:13 PM UTC




I am a committer of Eclipse AspectJ. Since yesterday, that's is severe performance of my draft PRs is stuck in a waiting queue for several hours. Yesterday the same happened. I tried cancelling and restarting the build, but again the jobs are waiting in the queue. Usually, they start within a few minutes or even seconds. Like this, I cannot continue working and am blocked with a release I am working on. I need to know if all tests are green.

Reproduction Steps

This job took almost 3 hours instead of less than 20 minutes yesterday:

This one is the one I was waiting for since 3 hours ago and counting:

Fault Type

Permanent - Occurring repeatably



Last working date

26 March


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