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Re: [eclipse-dev] wrapped bundles coming from m2 in .target file

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies. It defogs the doubt I was having.

Cheers, Wim

On Tue, 14 Mar 2023 at 06:38, Mark Hoffmann <m.hoffmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I do not use Tycho, so I can just talk from an OSGi perpective. I know tools like Bnd, who can do that. Because it is e.g. used in other tools like the maven bundle plugin, it might also be used here.

You should always use Import-Package over Require-Bundle. If bnd is used, then it scans the original Jar an calculates the imports for you. This could mean that you now get Imports, that are eventially better to be optional. 

Further you can get Imports for packages that are also only available as not OSGified artifacts. Then you need to OSGify them as well. So take care when doing this.

As automated tools scan only package dependencies, something like ServiceLoader definitions or other resources maybe omitted, but maybe important for the function of the code. So this automatical step should seen as workinghorse, that helps you with the most annoying work. But the final review and fibe tuning should come from the user.

Remember always taking car why you have to use this dependency. OSGi reveals dependency relations. So you can then decide, if a certain dependency an it transient ones are really worth the effectiveness of the usage ūüėČ.

As an alternative, take a look into the Eclipse Orbit, if you dependency is available there. There is also the Apache Servicemix project, which has a simiar scope like Orbit, but for Apache. 

We, from the OSGi Workinggroup try hard to get in the projects and create PR's to directly enable creation of OSGi Metadata in the build. Because with e.g. Maven it is a non invasive step. 

Maybe you can tell which dependecy it is (GAV)?


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I am trying to fix some target files. When getting the files from maven central, the new name becomes "wrapped...". This means that I have to change manifests. I see that I can override the generated name, but this does not seem to work.

Am I missing something?

Best regards, Wim
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