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Re: [eclipse-dev] Red Hat’s Involvement in Eclipse IDE Development

Hi Eric,

As an early proponent of this direction, I'm glad to see you're going the way of IDE-agnostic tooling and putting your money where your mouth is :-). When the Eclipse IDE was first started, it was perfectly normal for IDE's to define their own project models. But the world has changed: these days project models are defined by third party tools (maven, etc.) or even built into the language (golang, typescript). Eclipse JDT is the only fully-featured "language smarts" stack that is not tightly controlled by a single company (Oracle or JetBrains). 
Right now, the only way to buy into the JDT technology stack is buying into the Eclipse IDE. Many of us are emotionally attached to the Eclipse IDE, and we might welcome leveraging support for JDT into support for the wider IDE project. But the trend in the industry is toward companies exerting greater control over programming technologies and using that control to extract value from the ecosystem. Just think why Microsoft bought github and npmjs. Spoiler: it's not out of the kindness of their heart. MS are very interested in, it seems, but they are not interested in supporting the Eclipse IDE, necessarily (why would they?). So they will contribute to as long as it's the easiest way for them to get Java support into VS Code. The worst thing that could happen to the community would be if they ever decide that rolling their own is the way to go (or make a deal with JetBrains or Oracle). 

So to me, keeping an independent tool chain for Java alive is more important than continued support for the Eclipse IDE. It will prevent the large players from leveraging development tools into extracting a bigger part of the value created in the ecosystem. The way to do this, IMO, is to make it very easy to adopt JDT in a wide set of circumstances. As I see it, this requires removing a lot of the coupling between JDT and the rest of the Eclipse IDE. 

just some old fart's 0.02 CHF


PS: just in case this is not clear: I'm not working for Red Hat anymore, so just speaking for myself here.

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Subject [eclipse-dev] Red Hat’s Involvement in Eclipse IDE Development

Hello everyone,

I am the manager of the Eclipse team at Red Hat -- some of you may know me from my days working on SWT-GTK. Red Hat has been one of the major contributors to the Eclipse IDE for the last several years, so we would like to share some changes in our strategy with you.


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