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[eclipse-dev] Foojay Podcast: IDE and Fosdem Speaker

Resend to correctly include Geertjans Email.

Friends of Eclipse,

Frank (fdelporte@xxxxxxxx) is looking for a Eclipse developer for his
IDE podcast. Geertjan (geertjan@xxxxxxxxxx) is also looking for a
FOSDEM presenter. See below, please contact Frank or Geertjan in case
you are interested in helping here.

Here is a shortened and summary of his request in which I removed some
personal information.

I’m Frank, technical writer at Azul, but also the “podcast organizer”
for Foojay. We are looking for someone to share your story about
Eclipse. This would happen somewhere in the first half of January for
max. 2 hours for a podcast recording about IDEs?

These would be the guests for this podcast: Geertjan Wielenga
(Netbeans), Helen Scott (IntelliJ IDEA), OPEN for Eclipse, Nick Zhu

Fosdem speaker link directly in
case you have any questions or are available for the podcast.

Best regards, Lars
Eclipse Platform project co-lead
CEO vogella GmbH

Haindaalwisch 17a, 22395 Hamburg
Amtsgericht Hamburg: HRB 127058
Geschäftsführer: Lars Vogel, Jennifer Nerlich de Vogel
USt-IdNr.: DE284122352
Fax (040) 5247 6322, Email: lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx, Web:

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