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[eclipse-dev] Github issue creation and commit message guidelines for the Eclipse Top Level project


The PMC decided that Github issues are not required anymore for
changes. So far JDT still requires issues for each change.



With the move to Github the usage of issues and pull requests became
relatively similar. PR and issues can both be commented on, referred
to and linked to.

Hence the PMC decided that you do not need to create an issue for
functional changes in case you can directly publish the code change as
PR. Issues are still valuable for users to report issues or for
changes which you plan to do in the future or at multiple steps etc.
PR should be preferred in case you can, so that the discussion
involves both the code change and the design.

We hope that this will reduce the noise the project members receive
and remove additional steps in the process which do not add value.
Most of the documentation of a final change should be in the commit
message and the surrounding discussion can be captured either in the
issue or the pull request.

Subprojects are free to require a separate issue for each PR if they
agree that that is the best workflow for their area.


We also would like to emphasize that the commit message is important
and should contain viable information. From

Commit messages

Each commit should be well documented via the commit message, the
commit body should give an explanation why you are doing this change.

It is not sufficient to describe that in the PR or issue, it should be
part of the commit message.


Best regards, Lars

Eclipse Platform project co-lead
CEO vogella GmbH

Haindaalwisch 17a, 22395 Hamburg
Amtsgericht Hamburg: HRB 127058
Geschäftsführer: Lars Vogel, Jennifer Nerlich de Vogel
USt-IdNr.: DE284122352
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