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Re: [eclipse-dev] Advice on working with GitHub

Hi Jonah,

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From: "Jonah Graham" <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: 04/05/2022 03:07:23
Subject: [eclipse-dev] Advice on working with GitHub

Hi folks,

One of the frustrating things I have had with working with GitHub is the lack of email notifications for many actions:

- Builds completing - I have to go back and check PRs to see if the build is complete. This one is partially solved, but is imperfect - see
- Reactions - sometimes I ask a question or seek approval, and they come as thumbs-up or similar
Does that not generate a mail?

- Edits - user edits a comment, but only the original is emailed, sometimes those edits now include question or something else that needs to be acted on. An example of this was - I got an email notification that said "to solve the buildnumber problem, will try to find it again" but I didn't get a notification that the "update ..." had been edited into the message. (I know this wasn't on eclipse platform repo, but it was a recent example of the issue)
As Roland hinted, I thing you will have to spend more time on the Github website, and not rely on mail for your workflow. I, for one, would like to receive _less_ mail from GitHub, as I just use it as a "something has changed" marker and I open the issue/PR/whatever using the link in the mail anyway. But I feel you: notifications are not a strong suit of GitHub.


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