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Re: [eclipse-dev] Advice on working with GitHub

On Tue, 2022-05-03 at 21:07 -0400, Jonah Graham wrote:
> - Builds completing - I have to go back and check PRs to see if the
> build is complete. This one is partially solved, but is imperfect -
> see 
> 1
> - Reactions - sometimes I ask a question or seek approval, and they
> come as thumbs-up or similar
> - Edits - user edits a comment, but only the original is emailed,
> sometimes those edits now include question or something else that
> needs to be acted on. An example of this
> was
> 41 - I got an email notification that said "to solve the buildnumber
> problem, will try to find it again" but I didn't get a notification
> that the "update ..." had been edited into the message. (I know this
> wasn't on eclipse platform repo, but it was a recent example of the
> issue)

I just started to rely on the GH notification page a lot more than
email notifications, though I understand that when dealing with many
different issue tracking systems, this becomes annoying. I haven't
really looked into a way to deal with edits since I haven't really been
hit by this.

Regarding the reactions behaviour, I've been bit by this before. I
asked a question in a review, no activity for a few days, only to
realize my question was confirmed with a thumbs up. There's an open
issue at but
they'll probably need to deal with high volume repos as well. For now I
see reactions more as a way to prioritize (since you can filter by most

Roland Grunberg

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