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Re: [eclipse-dev] Migration of Eclipse TLP to GitHub complete

Congratulations and big thanks to *everyone* involved!

With the projects I am contributing to we were a little earlier with
GitHub migration than the TLPs mentioned here, so I know first hand how
nice, helpful and responsive the tech staff like Frederic and the rest
of the crew are. I can only begin to imagine how much work all of that
was, and I think I am not overstating in my belief that ten years from
now, this switch to GH will be seen as a milestone event in the history
of the Eclipse Foundation.

Warm regards
Alexander Kriegisch

Sravan K Lakkimsetti schrieb am 15.04.2022 18:21 (GMT +07:00):
> Hi,
> Thanks to enormous effort from Michael Istria in experimenting,
> identifying tasks on exactly what needs be done and migrating most of the
> repositories, we are now able to migrate all source code repositories from
> Eclipse TLP.
> Thanks Michael for the effort. Special thanks to Alexander Kurtakov and
> Eclipse foundation(Frederic Gurr, Matt Ward, and team) for supporting
> eclipse platform team in this process.
> As we have migrated Eclipse TLP projects to GitHub, please use GitHub
> issues of appropriate repositories to raise bugs/enhancements
> Here are organisations used by Eclipse TLP
> for OSGi runtime
> for common
> 	workspace/UI/workbench/IDE
> for Java Development Tools
> for plugin development 
> Thanks and Regards,
> Sravan
> Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti
> Eclipse Platform Co-lead
> IBM India Pvt Ltd,
> Embassy Golf Links Business Park, C Block,
> Off Indiranagar-Kormangla Inner Ring Road,
> Bangalore - 560071, India

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