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[eclipse-dev] Stop listing transitive dependencies in features?

Hi all,

As I'm struggling more than expected with SAT4J and ASM upgrades, having to deal with "touch" commits to make sure upgrades are taken into account, and not being able to easily test everything together at once, I realized that there is one reason that makes it complicated: feature.xml sometimes list transitive dependencies.
I'd like to get rid of those, as transitve deps do get installed transitively anyway without having them included in features, and also since the main p2 repo do include all transitive deps by configuration; I don't see a benefit in keeping them explicitly, and only see drawbacks that make the "upgrade to newer version of X" story more complicated than 1 commit.
Does anyone have any objection against that, or compelling reason to keep them?
If not, I'll soon proceed with removal of sat4j and asm from feature.xml, so they get pulled at best by their requiring plugins during p2 installation.


Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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