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[eclipse-dev] Issues with the Eclipse IDE & Its Plugins

Hi Developers,

I am currently in contact with JetBrains to fix JDK issues with the Kotlin language plugin from Eclipse. I hope that after JetBrains have updated their plugin.  This is reflected on the Eclipse repository.

I have also been unable to install the Go language plugin, because it tells me to uninstall my C/C++ plugin first.  I also encounter problems with the Prolog Plugin.  The "configure interpreter" feature does not work.  And I had tried to add the Clojure plugin and ran into some issue. And in any case, I think Eclipse is the only Windows IDE that supports Clojure coding.

Could you do a usability test on ALL the language plugins for Eclipse, and fix the ones that are not working/responding.

The wizards on Eclipse that I have tried so far, are not intitutive enough. 

Anyway, these are the plugins that I have installed and which could run a "Hello World" program - Java, C/C++, Python, Perl 5, Lisp and Web Tools (HTML5, CSS3, JS, NodeJS, TS).  I am waiting to finish my setup when the plugins for Kotlin, Golang and Prolog are ready.

Best Regards,

--- Andrew Goh

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