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Re: [eclipse-dev] Help on Improving Software Documentation Through Code Reviews

Hi Wim, 

Thank you for reaching out and for the questions.

does the group have a website or is there a link to the research proposal?

Unfortunately not yet. Our research is still in the early stage.
> by providing automatic support of source code comments based on code review discussions
What does that mean?

> We would like to learn identifying relevant information from code review discussions
This sentence is not very clear. Can you elaborate?

> such that tooling can be developed to improve software documentation and maintainability of open-source projects
Are there actual plans or ideas?

Our goal is to investigate whether code review discussions contain important information which can be useful for the software documentation, e.g., discussion about the design, technical debt, etc. By conducting interviews with developers, we want to hear your comments on possible important code review discussions. This is a first step towards providing automatic support for software documentation, for example, a bot which would suggest code comments based on snippets of design comments of the reviews. Of course we also want to hear your comments about it. 

Kind regards

Felipe Ebert

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