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[eclipse-dev] Better highlighting of breaking changes?

Dear PMC,

I recently had a case where users of our Eclipse distribution started to report missing projects in Project Explorer. It took me a while to realize that this might have been related to a behavior change in Project Explorer. Thus, I started researching and found the related bug and N&N entry.

In retrospective, we've made the mistake of not going over the N&N in detail enough before releasing the Eclipse distribution to our internal user base. This resulted into frustration/grievance with users a few hundred users (and also costly support time). While I see the need and value in changing the default for a better default experience, I was wondering if the current way of highlighting breaking changes is drawing enough attention to the details.

Perhaps the N&N guide can be enhance with a visual indicator what change is a breaking change?
Perhaps defaults can be changed more gracefully by only applying to new workspaces but not existing ones?
Perhaps the migration guide/faq can be served more prominently (eg., cross-linking in N&N)?

On a side note, there seem to be some UI issues in the migration guide. Example: ... click on the Platform migration guide prints out raw html instead of rendering it.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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