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Re: [eclipse-dev] [platform-releng-dev] Stop producing milestones p2 repository

On Nov 25, 2020, at 17:23, akurtakov <akurtakov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That's not true. Just look at every single build is there. The fact it's not listed on the download page is just to not crowd it. And even right now there is no obvious way how to get M1 build from that page.

There is a list of update URLs in the wiki:

I noticed that it's not updated for 4.18 and 4.19. Perhaps it should reflect/document the changes?

Also, I was worried first that the I-builds repo is slow to load in target platforms (because it contains all the I-builds). But it seems that it only contains up to five I-builds, which is good (IMO). Just want to confirm this is intentional and should be documented as well.


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