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Re: [eclipse-dev] SWT Chromium support requires external update sites?

Hi Lars,
The Chromium support in SWT is similar to the support for other browser renderers. SWT only includes the code to support the renderers but doesn't ship any of the renderers. For Chromium support, Chromium binaries need to be installed on the system by the user.
SWT Chromium support should ideally work with the official Chromium binaries from , but due to some issues mainly on linux they are built and maintained separately in the p2 repo by the contributor. Please see for more details.
This code is contributed and maintained by Guillermo. The latest update we have from him is that they are working on update to version 69 - .
Thanks & Regards,
Lakshmi P Shanmugam,
Eclipse Platform Co-lead,
India Software Lab, Bangalore
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Date: Thu, Nov 26, 2020 11:49 AM
Friends of Eclipse,

a customer of mine is planning to test / use the SWT Chromium support
which was added in 4.17. describes
the process of setting this up using non Eclipse update sites from 

To use the Chromium libraries from the Eclipse SDK:

Install the CEF binaries in Eclipse from the p2 repo - CEF p2 repo
from Make technology
Add the required jars to classpath of project:

SWT-Chromium fragment (org.eclipse.swt.browser.chromium.<ws>.<os>.<arch>.jar)
SWT fragment (org.eclipse.swt.<ws>.<os>.<arch>.jar)
CEF binary (com.make.chromium.cef.<ws>.<os>.<arch>.jar)

I thought the chromium support has been added to SWT? Do we also have
Eclipse update sites for the binaries?

Best regards, Lars

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