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[eclipse-dev] Project Lead election for Jinbo Wang on Eclipse JDT Language Server

A project lead election for Jinbo Wang on project Eclipse JDT Language Server
( was started by Fred Bricon with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Jinbo Wang as a new project co-lead for JDT.LS

Jinbo's a pillar of the Eclipse JDT.LS team: he has in-depth knowledge of the
project architecture, down to the gritty details. He's shown commitment to
the project itself as well as the community.
He always stays on top of the latest progress related to the LSP specs
upstream, but also participates to several adopter projects downstream. I
trust he'll be a great leader to the JDT.LS project.

Eclipse JDT Language Server project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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