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Re: [eclipse-dev] BigSur fixes for M3

On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 8:38 PM Gayan Perera <gayanper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do we have plans for back porting these bugs for 4.17 as well ? There might be other products who might not update to 4.18 right away. These bugs can make us to loose few more Eclipse users if we don't have hotfixes for 4.17 :). Just a suggestion to keep Eclipse users without fedup on the IDE.

Backporting is a tedious and expensive exercise; and it would have to cascade from SWT to Platform to SimRel to EPP... 4.18 will be released before this is complete ;) We can already suggest from now on people who suffer from issues with bigsur to try using the I-Builds and upcoming milestones already.
Products that cannot update to 4.18, let's just say... it's their problem more than Platform's one. Platform does things very well to allow products to update in time, if products decide they don't need to care about upgrading, Projects that don't want to upgrade but need to fix can still fork the code and backport patches themselves.

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