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[eclipse-dev] Request for Triaging help


JDT Core requests help in triaging the bugs to some level. This would include inbox tracking, interacting with the reporter to get a reproducible test case, tagging the appropriate jdt.core bucket (compiler, search, model, formatter, content assist etc DOT needed after etc) and would end with assigning either an owner or a QA ( QA implies the person will be responsible for verifying the fix once the bug has been resolved.). Of course, fixes (with unit test cases) are also welcome if attempted. This job well done will help jdt.core to focus on solving the issues while this will help the person(s) to understand jdt.core better and also climb the first steps for the contributor-committer journey.

The person designated will have the triaging rights as per

If you would like to get an idea of the kind of bugs that requires triage, see here for a recent list.

Thanks in advance!
Eclipse JDT.

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