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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse is awesome - Kudos to Eclipse and its developers!

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Subject:        [EXTERNAL] New topic in forum Java Development Tools (JDT), called Eclipse IDE, by Rick Hodgin

Subject:Eclipse IDEAuthor:Rick HodginDate:Wed, 18 September 2019 18:57
I just wanted to take a moment and give props and kudos to the Eclipse developers for Java development.

I come from primarily a Microsoft Visual Studio background (1998 thru 2019) and C/C++. VS is an amazing IDE, but the refactoring abilities on Java code in Eclipse, the auto-fix suggestions, the ease of interaction with the JVM, it's all awesome. In fact, it's established a new benchmark for me in refactoring.

There are many language features I miss from C/C++ when coding in Java, but I've been able to use JNI to external C/C++ code to handle some features I miss.

Nonetheless, just kudos across-the-board for Eclipse and its developers!
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