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[eclipse-dev] Reminder: 4.13 RC1 Next Week

Hi All,

We have 4.13 RC1 scheduled on August 30, 2019. Please refer to the freeze plan:
Here is the schedule:

August 28, 2019, 8pm EST        Wednesday        API and feature freeze, 4.13 RC1 Release candidate build

August 29, 2019                        Thursday            Bug verification and Sign-off 4.13 RC1

August 30, 2019                        Friday                4.13 RC1 Promotion and contribution to SimRel

Please note the following excerpt from the freeze plan:


All fixes submitted must have a project lead or PMC vote on the bug report, and the fix must be reviewed by an additional committer (any committer other than the one who made the fix). A positive review from a project lead or PMC member means implicit approval and no vote is needed on the bug report. Ongoing changes to documentation, tests or examples do not require approval.

Thanks & Regards,

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