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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Kit Lo on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Kit Lo on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti with this

I would like to nominate Kit Lo as platform committer. He is project lead for
Eclipse Babel
project( He is
contributing to releng work for the platform. He created new build framework
for eclipse use.

He is currently monitoring our builds and tests and contributing to releng
regularly. He would be great addition to our releng team

Here are some of his contributions

       Bug 532933 - Add new test configuration that runs with Java 10
       Bug 535500 - Modify equinox naming convention
       Bug 541302 - Create new git clone script for eclipse platform
       Bug 544603 - Create new scripts for Maven operations
       Bug 545430 - Create new scripts to gather different artifacts
       Bug 546098 - Create new scripts to generate repository reports
       Bug 546174 - Create new scripts to tag build inputs
       Bug 546213 - Create new scripts to generate API tools reports
       Bug 546621 - Create new scripts to gather Equinox artifacts
       Bug 546760 - Create new scripts to gather Eclipse publish files
       Bug 546947 - Define variables needed for download pages
       Bug 546977 - comparator log files not generated

Major feature he worked on:
       Bug 541301 - Prepare eclipse platform project for CJE migration

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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