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Re: [eclipse-dev] Java: Overloading & Lambdas = TROUBLE

Thanks Stephan for that detailed heads-up. I would also like to thank you for improving the compiler in that area and that as of 4.12 M3 more cases will be detected and reported by the compiler.


From:        Stephan Herrmann <stephan.herrmann@xxxxxxxxx>
To:        "General development mailing list of the Eclipse project." <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        21.05.2019 16:03
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [eclipse-dev] Java: Overloading & Lambdas = TROUBLE
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Hi folks,

As your compiler engineer, and alarmed by a recent event, I have to warn you
that Java 8 brought one particularly nasty pitfall: If your API defines
same-named methods which differ only in the type of a parameter, and if that
type is a functional interface you are effectively requiring that all users of
this API need to understand details of Java which I wish they would never need
to think about:

First you need to teach all users of the API, that type inference in Java 8
happens in several phases, and that overload resolution happens before the final
phase. Then you need to teach all users of that API, that some functional
expressions (lambdas, method references, under certain conditions) are not
pertinent to applicability. If they confirm that they understand JLS sections
§15.12, §15.13, §15.27 and all of §18, then they may get the license to invoke
your API.

I'm not kidding. Overloading in Java was problematic well before Java 8, in
terms of: it's very easy to write programs which seasoned Java programmers will
not understand. Java 8 "improved" this by the above problem.

The general problem can surface in two ways: perhaps the compiler says that a
given method invocation is ambiguous. In that case be happy about this alert and
write your code in a way that not for a fraction of a second anybody will have
to guess which of the methods will be invoked (explicit type arguments etc pp).

If the compiler accepts the method invocation, you may be in trouble, because
your intuition about which method will be chosen by the compiler may very well
be wrong. Not knowing which method a given call will invoke doesn't sound very
nice, right?

In the particular, recent event, it is likely too late to change the affected
API, but please refrain from adding more like that - and be extra careful when
using API that is already affected.

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