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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Alexander Fedorov on Eclipse Plugin Development Environment (PDE) has started

A committer election for Alexander Fedorov on project Eclipse Plugin
Development Environment (PDE) (eclipse.pde) was started by Vikas Chandra with
this criteria:

I am nominating Alexander Fedorov for commit rights to PDE. Alexander has
fixed many defects in
PDE in the last few months. His fixes has been of high quality. Going
forward, Alexander plans
to contribute more in improving PDE.

The bugs list that Alexander  has fixed are

287162	[category] Category Editor adds redundant information to the
category.xml file
547155	[UI] "Repository Properties" tab should not make dirty the Category
Manifest editor
541188	Target definition - XML preamble should go to separate line
542425	[Target editor] New location entries should place the repository
before the units
547222	[category] Allow to edit feature properties from "Category Definition"
547322	[product] manifest editor should have source tab
546803	[UI] Category Manifest editor should have source tab
546400	[Target] preference page should allow user to increase Locations area	
546325	NPE in pde.convertSchemaToHTML ant task for JDT doc bundle
541067	[Target] change notification should be reworked to publish-subscribe
541528	[Target] target definition editor annotations should use PDE

Eclipse Plugin Development Environment (PDE) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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