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[eclipse-dev] 4.12 M3 milestone week reminders

Hi Folks,
It's the milestone week - 4.12 M3.
  • Monday: Last day of development (and even then, no "big changes"). After Monday 18:00 ET, no feature work or unrelated fixes are allowed -- only regression fixes.
  • Tuesday: All-day test pass. Nobody should develop or fix anything. Literally spend the entire day testing.
  • Wednesday: Fix day with a focus on fixing regressions found during the test day (Tuesday). No unrelated fixes. Review and thoroughly test all commits.
    • The last Wednesday build is the release candidate every team signs off on Thursday.
    • The "New and Noteworthy" entries are due on Wednesday evening:
    • Git repo: ssh://
    • Gerrit: ssh://
    • Live website:
  • Thursday: Sign-off after re-testing, or at least confirming no changes have been made to your component's code since the last time the component was tested well.
  • Friday: Build is officially declared and made available.
    • The master branch stays closed until the milestone is officially released. (That is, it is not enough that your component has signed off.)

NOTE: This is the last "normal" milestone. After that we will enter the endgame. Endgame plan will follow.


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