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Re: [eclipse-dev] [platform-dev] Reminder (!!!): 2019-06 (4.12) M3 Next Week

Hi Mickael

I've added 4.12 RC1, 4.12 RC2 and 4.13 for Equinox, Platform, JDT and PDE.

Everyone, please take the time to decide whether to move the target milestone or to remove it. Bugs that got (mass-) moved for many releases should not be moved once again.


From:        Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        13.05.2019 18:41
Subject:        Re: [eclipse-dev] [platform-dev] Reminder (!!!): 2019-06 (4.12) M3        Next Week
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Hi Dani,

Can you please create the 4.13 target so we can move some of those bugs?_______________________________________________
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