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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Paul Pazderski on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Paul Pazderski on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Andrey Loskutov with this criteria:


I would like to nominate Paul Pazderski.

Paul provided few high quality patches in different areas (Debug, UI, Releng)
and is also interested to provide even more :-)
(there are also a few pending patches from Paul, most of them are pending
only because I didn't managed to review them in time.)

Paul worked on following bugs:

546673	Platform	UI	[theme] Background color problem in Package Explorer with
Classic theme
546546	Platform	UI	[tests] Run test with JUnit4 runner when using @Test
546539	Platform	UI	[tests] Improve ProgressViewTests.testNoUpdatesIfHidden
546537	Platform	UI	[tests] Run test with JUnit4 runner when using assume
546468	Platform	Releng	Enable releng tests for Gerrit and nightly builds
546454	Platform	Releng	Fix broken GitCopyrightAdapterTest
546453	Platform	Releng	[relengtool] Ignore bulk refactoring in Copyright Tool
546451	Platform	Releng	[relengtool] Copyright Tool default template should
use EPL 2.0
546322	PDE	UI	Confirm config.ini creation should not use "Clean" instead of
546314	Platform	Debug	Fix mangled copyright headers
545734	PDE	UI	[Run/Debug] Default action for the "Clear workspace" dialog
should be "Don't clear"
545565	Platform	Text	ListLineTracker returns wrong results after content set
to null
545530	Platform	Text	[tests] Test for TextViewers default IDocumentAdapter
545528	Platform	SWT	[javadoc] The JavaDoc for
StyledTextContent#getLineAtOffset(int) is contradictory.
545327	JDT	Debug	[tests] Fix broken performance tests
544969	Platform	Debug	[console] ConsoleDocumentAdapter.setText does not set
544776	JDT	Core	[formatter] Binary operator line wrapping wrong with older
project settings
544133	JDT	Debug	[Tests] Debug Test Suite is unstoppable
542992	JDT	Debug	ClassCastException with 'All References' on void return
542989	JDT	Debug	NPEs with captured lambda variables
535940	Platform	UI	SmartImportTests.testConfigurationIgnoreNestedProjects
fails locally
468850	Platform	Releng	[relengtool] Copyright tool runs slowly for git

Here is the bugzilla query of bugs fixed by Paul:

... and list of merged patches in Gerrit:"Paul+Pazderski"+status:merged

... and list of open Gerrit patches:"Paul+Pazderski"+status:open

Welcome Paul!

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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