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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Jeff Johnston on Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) has started

A committer election for Jeff Johnston on project Eclipse Java development
tools (JDT) (eclipse.jdt) was started by Roland Grunberg with this criteria:

I'd like to nominate Jeff Johnston as committer on the eclipse.jdt project.

Jeff is a committer on Linux Tools and CDT [1]. Initially he started off
refactoring parts of JDT UI that weren't strictly dependent on UI so that
that they could be consumed by other projects (specifically JDT-LS). More
recently he has started addressing various bugs in the JDT queue. I think he
would make a great addition to the team.

I've compiled a list of his contributions (excluding the refactoring work).
His full list of contributions can be seen on Gerrit [2].

b3392b5fd5 Bug 539476 - assign to param for static nested class adds index
d22ecfb995 Bug 521070 - Create parameter quick fix unaware of varargs
15355acac6 Bug 542936 - Convert to enhanced for loop not offered
ad1e72d26c Bug 540927 - Quick fix behaves differently from what it says it
fc43b2a2b9 Bug 541479 - [code mining] Binary references are not counted
04983d9cfd Bug 541395: [code mining] implementations not shown on class and
74a6e74241 Bug 541390 - [code mining] Open Type Hierarchy for
df3971b3f7 Bug 539919 - Package name completely focused in package creation
a1e5cac842 Bug 539437 - 'Remove redundant semicolons' should ignore Lambda
f5bc72cf81 Bug 537029 - Perform refactorings to enable usage
93d249ced0 Bug 536984 - [cleanup] Remove redundant semicolons
7dd8745650 Bug 544362 - Add support for Java 9/10/11 Javadoc tags
17b1fb45e1 Bug 496354 - Code completion for annotation parms should insert
56c7200f17 Bug 543727 - False positive "Unnecessary cast"
fd9f312ce Bug 542704 - Breakpoint not enabled when adding from Stack Trace


Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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