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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Alexandr Miloslavskiy on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Alexandr Miloslavskiy on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Niraj Modi with this criteria:

Alexandr Miloslavskiy has contributed many patches to the Windows port of
SWT(including important bugs fixing few of the tricky crash scenario) and has
gained a good understanding of the code. He has recently contributed many
patches to the SWT GTK port as well. His contributions are of good quality
and are highly appreciated. He has been an active contributor to SWT since
Eclipse 4.10 release.
Here is the complete list of his contributions
1. Bug 545923 - [regression][GTK] Tooltip foreground is wrong
2. Bug 545587 - [GTK] Incorrect COLOR_INFO_FOREGROUND on Ubuntu 18.10
3. Bug 488855 - [Win32] Browser widget under windows calls a method in the
wrong thread
4. Bug 545619 - [GTK] Building native libraries fails to auto-detect
JAVA_HOME for linux.x86_64
5. Bug 545610 - [GTK] Syntax error causing problems in JNIGenerator
6. Bug 542469 - [GTK3][Mate] SWT.COLOR_LIST_SELECTION differs much from real
selection color
7. Bug 545220 - [GTK] Random themes get loaded in
8. Bug 542451 - [GTK3][Elementary OS] Duplicate, semi-transparent sub-shell
9. Bug 409572 - [Win32] Combobox's text is shown partially + caret goes out
of view
10. Bug 508634 - [Win32] READ_ONLY Combobox does not allow changing
background or foreground color
11. Bug 539796 - [Win32] Crash in ScriptStringOut
12. Bug 539796 - Preparation for next patch
13. Bug 526758 - [win32] Native crash in
14. Bug 538381 - Loading Link class crashes with Application Verifier

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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