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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Jinbo Wang on Eclipse JDT Language Server has started

A committer election for Jinbo Wang on project Eclipse JDT Language Server
( was started by Fred Bricon with this criteria:

Jinbo Wang has been consistently contributing critical features to the
Eclipse JDT.LS project for the past 6 months.
He already has a solid track record of contributions, as can be see in his
commit history:

Some major items include :
- Bulk generation of getters and setters:
- Add commands to add/remove/list the project's source path:
- Generate hashcode and equals with prompt:
- Support advanced organize Imports to resolve ambiguous imports :
- Enable static import in quick assist actions:

It's my great pleasure to nominate him as a committer to the Eclipse JDT.LS
project. I'm looking forward for many more great contributions from Jinbo in
the future.

Eclipse JDT Language Server project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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