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[eclipse-dev] Finalizing 4.11

Hi Team

4.11 is approaching fast! We have our last official build for 4.11 today (I20190306-1800). Here are some important things to respect:

- master is locked after today's build (I20190306-1800) until announced to be open again.
- Only critical changes necessary for RC2 can be approved to be put into master. All other changes, including test and doc changes are not allowed and will be reverted.
- Necessary changes for 4.11 after RC2 are to be put into R4_11_maintenance.
- Once master is open, make sure that any changes that went into R4_11_maintenance are merged into master (last time we missed an important fix in master).
   - I suggest that for each such case we clone the bug report and target the close to 4.12. In addition we can check the git log of the builds done after RC2. This will give us the list of fixes.


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